Open Email to Edain McCoy

This is an email I sent to Edain McCoy, the contents are unedited and unabridged. It is the complete text of the email.

My name is Éamonn Kearns and I am a Sagart of the Gael.

This email has proven a very difficult for me to write. I have utterly deleted it several times because I am torn between being honest and being civil and it is rather difficult to be both, however I feel that I am entitled to several answers from you, as you have done a great disservice to my country with your book “Witta”.

I have been corrected on anthropologically and culturally sound arguments with your book, something that is incredibly galling as I base my arguments on books like the Annals of the Four Masters and the Book of Leinster. My religion comes from this country, the traditions, rituals and practices of it are historically supportable and culturally consistent.

To this day, you refer to Witta as Irish. As Sagart na nGael, this is a claim I can not see go unchallenged. As such, I am herein formally requesting you adhere to the traditions of this country, the precedent being set in the Colloquoy of two Sages, available here:

By what right do you call your tradition Irish? It is clearly a bastardisation of British Traditional Witchcraft, or what is publically available about BTW. How can you reconcile your professed “harm none” ideology with the desecration of a culture? Quite frankly, your behaviour is criminal and, seeing as how you live in America, you are beyond justice. So I would, at least, have the answers I am entitled to. Entitled, I would remind you, under the culture you claim.

Have you ever been to Ireland? Who are the Irish pagans that you have been in touch with. I am well enough known in Ireland that I can probably get their numbers and ask if they taught you this bastardisation of BTW and called it Irish. At least that way I can have some form of justice, though I suspect you are protected by some form of “I swore I wouldn’t identify them”. Thus saving anyone
from justice.

The money you made from Witta. What have you done with it?
Considering it was ill-gotten gains, you must feel morally obliged to account for it. As a person who’s culture you have desecrated, I feel entitled to know what you have spent it on.

Your claim to being a priestes of Brigid, you are aware there’s no ‘h’ in Irish aren’t you, upon what grounds do you base this? Is there anything aside form Unverified Personal Gnosis to support this claim? From whence comes your understanding of Brigid and is it compatible with the Irish understanding or, like your Witta, are you quite happy to continue masquerading a false claim?

In the interest of fairness, I am going to offer you the chance to reply.

I hope to have a full accounting from you for your behaviour, as is owed me under the traditions of the Gael.

Yours, sincerely
Éamonn Kearns

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