February 5th, 2009

Being of a mind that blatant hypocrisy when attempting to ascertain the moral wrongness of another person is unnacceptable, I decided on waiting until I had certain words defined as carefully as possible.
Bearing that in mind, I have opted to use the Oxford English Dictionary as a source for definitive meanings for words. As such, these words are defined in all entries for this blog:

Liar: One who lies or tells a falsehood; an untruthful person

Bigot: A religious hypocrite

Racist: An advocate or supporter of racism; a person whose words or actions display racial prejudice or discrimination. Also in extended use: a person who is prejudiced against people of other nationalities.

These defintions are important for the context of this blog. Attempting to ascribe any meaning other than these to my usages of them is misrepresentation of what I am saying. With that in mind, please continue.